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Mar 12, 2011

Why businesses are unhappy with their content management system.

Content management systems are used to publish and manage your content whether it be polls, text, sign-ups, media etc. As long as I’ve been in this industry I have not come along a company  that has been happy with their CMS. The basic function that most companies want is add/edit/delete content from the site. With social networks being all the rage now-a-days, the need to able to publish to those sites have been very important. That being said, you can’t expect a content management system to be able to tap into all of them. To resolve that, getting a “share this” button placed on your site that lets you post to many of the social sites out there.

For most businesses that are looking for a content management system(cms) that does everything they want is next to impossible. There is always something missing or something that the client doesn’t realize they can’t do.  Sure there are the popular ones like JoomlaEKtronDrupal to name a few, but unless you know a programmer you will not be able to reach your goal.

In the end it’s not uncommon that you or your company are not satisfied with your cms and sometimes the best thing to do is to have one made so that your most crucial functions get programmed in and make sure that it’s easy for the programmer to upgrade the cms that they created you. Sure it may cost you some extra dollars but in the end you’ll be satisfied with what you are able to do and not feel limited to an out of the box content management system.

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Mar 12, 2011

Can’t send email using wifi Droid X phone and using Road Runner.

I had a problem sending email when my Droid X is connecting to wifi via my router. I have Road Runner as my internet service provider. I kept getting an authentication error when sending email. When receiving email I had no problems. I used my RR’s POP config that they provided. After further internet searches, there was one post that solved the problem. The solution is very simple. On the Droid X when setting up the POP configuration on the incoming server, instead of using the POP configuration they give you put this in the POP host field that’s it! I hope this helps you as it did for me!