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Jan 22, 2011

5 common SEO mistakes

1) Wrong title of the page – This is the first thing crawlers see when they crawl your page. It tells the search engines what your page is about. But did you know even if your page appears in the search engines it’s the title that will attract people to click on the link. Use keywords in your title and be as clear as possible.
Don’t deceive people either. Every page on your site should have it’s own title. Don’t use the same title on every page.

2) Picking the wrong keywords – Does it make any sense to spend all the time and effort to rank for a keyword that doesn’t convert for you? Too many times people look for high-traffic keywords rather than what converts for their site. Here’s a tip: Run a Pay-per-click campaign first to see what keywords convert for you.
Then do your SEO for those keywords.

3) Having no textual content – Search Engines read text but graphics can help conversion. Did you know people don’t really even read websites? They scan them like a billboard on the side of a highway. Try to keep your content around 350 words and you’ll be fine but too many sites don’t have enough text on them.

4) Having wrong content — It is as good as having no content because your bad content will give all the bad information to the search engines. This is partly related to selecting the wrong keywords because even by selecting the wrong keywords you can easily generate wrong content.

5) Choosing the wrong target market – This is a lot like picking the wrong keywords. Make sure you know whom your customers are before you get into all the SEO work.

That’s my top 5. I look at them from time to time and make sure I’m not making any of these mistakes.

Dec 28, 2010

Promotion Through Social Media Marketing

Author: freedcouriyus

Social networking applications are getting their way to everyone’s heart. Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are only couple of of dozens of these facebook, twitter, myspace, stumble upon, you tubesorts of social networking applications available now. To gather enough visitors to internet sites or promote online providers and items, webmasters and entrepreneur take benefit of these totally free applications. Social Media Marketing is a collective expression for promotions being done by way of these applications.

How are they taking benefit of it? First of all, most of these applications are free. This allows anyone to open an account and be component with the network in an instant. Now for entrepreneurs and webmasters, they join these networks and start advertising their products. They produce signatures and provide aid to other members on the network for totally free. What they get in return is recognition for their group. It is the fastest and easiest method to promote something with out investing.

Why must you choose social media marketing to advertise? You will discover many factors why it is better to use these applications to promote your goods or solutions. Let’s elaborate some great reasons:

It is free. As mentioned earlier, most social media applications are totally free. No should pay for promotions done besides when a business desires to have an exclusive portion from the page. The rest is free (e.g. posting, comments, response) which is really a cost successful method.

Hitting the right market. Forums and blogs are targeted to certain group of individual who are passionate with the theme. A webmaster selling his technology associated web page will find feasible clients and consumers by joining forums associated to technology. No have to broadcast to a wider audience whom are not interested using the item, but directly to the ones interested.

Free Videos. Social media applications such as Youtube can offer a corporation free advertisements via video. The very best method to market your product is by providing videos. Buyers are encouraged to purchase an item when they see some images of it that may captivate them.

Discussions and Testimonials. Satisfied buyers are taking advantage of these social media applications by providing a firm with very good reviews, testimonials, and sometimes discussions concerning the provider. This is one way of promoting your merchandise and providers with the assist of satisfied buyers. New possible clients who can read people posted testimonials will build confidence with the corporation.

Affiliate Packages. Most users of these social media applications are getting something in return. They incorporate some affiliate packages to there private space to show visitors updates of goods and earn when guests check it.

Dec 28, 2010

Twitter Better Than Facebook….YES!!

Twitter vs FacebookTwitter or Facebook? Hmmm……Well let us help you with this. We are going to tell you a  few ways that make Twitter better than Facebook. Here we go!

Cost – Like Google ads, Facebook has their own form of it pay-per-click ads. And like Google you have to pay money whether you made a sale or not. If you have a small business and are trying to use Facebook ads as a form of marketing and lead generation channel this could cost you  a pretty penny. You to be careful how long you run your ad and keep track on how effective the ad is. To do this is very simple, find out how much traffic your ad is generating and how many of those converted into sales. This will tell you if you should keep running them or use those monies somewhere else. Twitter is very light..meaning like Facebook it doesn’t cost a dime to sign-up so your wallet stays full. The key element that Twitter has that Facebook doesn’t is the public timeline. This public time line is for everyone to see, so while your posting ads or blog entries to your Twitter account millions are looking at them go through the public time line and again IT’S FREE! With free Twitter feed posting software out there, your online marketing can be painless and hands off while you are trying other channels to create leads.

The Unwanted – Facebook and Twitter are very similar in this area, you can accept or reject friends. With Facebook and it’s plethora of games you tend to get a lot of unwanted requests. You have the right hand side and the left hand side of your Facebook page full of ads and other cluttered informatioin. It makes for a slow loading site. Not to say that there isn’t unwanted requests on Twitter but the simplicity is what makes Twitter more attractive than Facebook. Sometimes all the bells and whistles isn’t where it’s at even in the technology industry. Sometimes simplicity is the best practice, especially for these fast times.

Viral - Twitter is simply better when it comes to this. You need something to get our fast Twitter has Facebook on this. Twitter is so easy to post and with the trending news option they have it easy to get news fast when you want it. Post video, pictures or whatever you like and get respones or followers fast!

In the end Twitter has a user friendly and is easier to get your news or special offerings out fast without having a lot the clutter and Jane or  John just built a blew up someones whole Mafia in every other post in your stream.

Dec 17, 2010

FREE Facebook Marketing Bible, Ideas & FREE strategies

Author: Devin Dozier

Using facebook for business and marketing is a great choice as facebook is actually very business friendly. Facebook is a very large social network and while its popularity is not (YET) as widespread as Google and Yahoo, Facebook still does very well. Facebook is successful for advertising because it relies not only on relationships between companies and advertisers but also the spread of information through its users.

Facebook has not had the struggle that other sites have had to go through because they have learned what works and what doesn’t from other sites that already have established social programs. You can see in the rules and guidelines for advertising, that Facebook has considered many businesses and different types of programs.

Facebook actually shows up at affiliate marketing events such as the Affiliate summit conference and the Meet Market conference. When using Facebook for business you should make sure you read the guidelines as they are constantly being revised and changed. Facebook offers several business applications as well as a self service flyer program for business marketers to use.

There are two different types of business applications that can be used. You can create widgets that can be sent to different places in the internet. However with facebook widgets are limited to anything within the facebook network.

You can also create your own website within facebook or fan page and use advertising to draw individuals to your page. You need to remember that the only people who will have access to your affiliate program are the users of facebook.

By creating a smart and well designed fan page you can draw more customers to your pages which in turn can increase sales. In using Facebook for business you can create branding and even create a facebook page specifically for different niches of your business. You can also use facebook social ads to target those facebook users that fall within your target market.

For a FREE Facebook Marketing Bible, Ideas, and strategies visit: where you can get free videos on how using Facebook for business can bring you explosive profits.

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About the Author

Devin Dozier offers exclusive information on FREE Facebook Marketing Bible on his blog Crowd Conversion

Dec 17, 2010

The Key Reason Why SEO Is Vital For Internet Marketing


Haley Lewis

Just what is a niche?  A niche is a part of the marketplace that isn\’t being attended to adequately.  You need to recognize the specialized niche that you are focusing on so you are able to focus work effectively.  Now there are several main reasons why niche internet marketing is essential you need to recognize before you get started.  The most important factor with regards to promoting on the net is to get geared up before you get moving.  Preparing is crucial since it can take you from your dream towards a reality.

1.  In the event that you end up getting started off with internet marketing and don\’t decide on a specific niche you will probably lose your primary goal in the process.  It is like starting anything at all thoughtlessly and this just will not turn out very well.  You have to know whom you are concentrating on and exactly what portion of the market is just not being targeted already.  If perhaps you decide to go after a portion of the industry that has a lot of competition then your chance of making a bundle of money is very minimal.

2.  Niche advertising is also important for your own SEO needs.  SEO is definitely an essential course of action and you must know just what specialized niche you will be concentrating on so that you can utilize the correct keywords and accomplish the process correctly.  If search engine optimization is just not carried out appropriately your goals will never be satisfied.  Take time to put some thought directly into that before you get started.

3.  The good thing about niche marketing is always that it provides you with a direction on your web marketing method.  It can feel a whole lot better when you\’ve got a focus.  For some, niche internet marketing seems like a real simple portion of the plan but it may not always be so clear for everyone.  No matter who you are, it will always be useful to have a focus and in this circumstance, unless you have a direction with your specific niche market you\’ll tumble off the journey quickly.

Niche marketing is critical for many reasons.  Take a glance at some of these reasons and figure out how to execute the concepts throughout your own web marketing course of action.

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Dec 16, 2010

The Last Time You Looked At A Phone Book?!

Aeutus MarketingThe other day I was talking to a client and asked them that same question. The answer was, “I rarely look for a business in a phone book”. Later that day I asked myself that same question. My answer was, I rarely look at it also. I caught myself looking on the net for the business contact information that I needed. Which now brings up a question, if no one is looking in the phone book for contact information would do I need a web site? The answer is simple, YES! With the age of wireless device almost everyone is looking for business information on the net. Why open a phone book when you can search it on your phone or computer? The phone book is slowly becoming obsolete.

Local web searches for business has jumped in the the last four years and the trend is not slowing down.  This is a great article to read, it really explains local law firm internet search vs phone book searches. Getting a web presence and visibility is crucial to your local business today. If you have a small business and you’re thinking about getting a web site done and you find yourself questioning that, the answer is YES! Web design doesn’t cost as much as it used too. You can get a nice site at an affordable price today!